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New Home & Renovation Pre-Wiring

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Kauffman Audio & Video

Pre-Wiring a new house for technology is one of the most important stages of building a new house. We will help you make the correct decision about what to include in your pre-wire to “future-proof” your house. With all the changes in video technology, Kauffman Audio & Video ensures that your space is pre-wired for maximum flexibility throughout, no matter what systems you want immediately or may want down the road.

Structured wiring (or pre-wiring) refers to the telephone, cable/satellite, and network wiring.  A properly wired house gives you the maximum number of options for your home's electronics systems as technology advances. 

We have the knowledge of the proper locations and wire paths that are essential to your home or business' systems.

Providing low voltage solutions for audio, video, networking, surveillance, smart home automations and more to MA, CT & all of New England!